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11:30am-2pm Lunch
5:00-9pm Dinner

11:30am-2pm Lunch
5:00-10pm Dinner

4:00-10pm Dinner

4:00-9pm Dinner

Cooking Classes

4 Hour All-Inclusive Cooking Lesson With
World Renowned Chef Sentissi

- Introduction to authentic Moroccan Cuisine, Spices and History
- Class to include the creation of 1 appetizer and 1 entree of
authentic Moroccan cuisine.
- Each session will have a new exciting and delicious appetizer and entree
- Each person will take their Moroccan food and recipe's home from each session
- Individual hands on training with Chef Sentissi
- All ingredients, equipment & insurance included
- Sundays from 10AM-2PM
- $200 per person ($50/hr)

Save 50% on the unique and exciting four-hour class
where the menu is determined at random
by a cumin-filled Magic Eight Ball, culinary apprentices
might glaze slow-roasted legs of lamb in
honey one week and overstuff gyros with succulently
seasoned meat the next. Under the watchful eye of Chef Sentissi,
students learn to execute recipes for one appetizer and one traditional
Moroccan entree. After each session,
cooking classmates enjoy the fruits of their labor before returning home
armed with two powerful recipes to unleash on their kitchen's pot-and-pan
populace. His cooking classes teach more than just cooking techniques—
students will learn about Moroccan culture and history as well as the health
benefits of spices such as saffron, which can
aid digestion, help reduce stomachaches, and keep ’80s pop hits from getting
stuck in diners' heads. Every session comes complete with live
music played on ancient Morroccan instruments such as the lute, lending a perfect
background for the tasting of eight different Morroccan wines.  
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Special Events

Bellydancer available for private events and upon special request.
Please call Saffron Cafe for details.