Dinner Menu 


Hummus - Topped with tomatoes and kalamata olives $5.95

Zaalouk - Moroccan Style eggplant spread $6.95

Bakoula - Classic Moroccan spinach spread $5.95

Antipasto Plate - A sampling of Hummus, Zaalouk, & Bakoula served with feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber, & artichoke hearts. $10.95

Taktouka Shrimp - With fresh cucumber, tomato, artichoke hearts & kalamata olives $10.95

Falafel - Crispy chickpea & sesame balls served with cucumber yogurt sauce $5.95

Bastilla - Crisp honeyed phyllo dough stuffed with chicken & cinnamon roasted almonds $11.95

Saffron Musssels - Fresh steamed mussels in a creamy white wine & garlic sauce $12.95

Pilpil - Stewed shrimp & scallops* in a cilantro pesto. $11.95 *Scallops are not always available. Extra shrimp will be given if there are no scallops.

Mozzarella Plate - Fresh mozzarella slices drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar and served with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, finished with capers. $9.95


Salad Nicoise - Crisp romaine lettuce & basil leaves topped with tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper, broccoli, black olives, hard-boiled eggs, carrots & tuna. Served with Dijon mustard dressing. $11.95 Add grilled Ahi tuna $8.95

Greek Salad - Tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese & kalamata olives atop a bed of fresh romaine lettuce, served with lemon-oregano dressing. $7.95

Shrimp, Avocado & Citrus Salad - Fresh sliced avocado topped with shrimp & kalamata olives, drizzled with olive oil and fresh squeezed citrus, then garnished with a lime wedge. $8.95

House Salad & Soup $10.95


Harrira - Cilantro soup with tomatoes, saffron rice & chickpeas $5.95

Soup du Jour - Traditional Moroccan soups, ask your server for today's selections.

Bissara - fava bean puree with garlic, cumin & a drizzle of olive oil. Carrot Ginger - fresh pureed carrots with ginger & a hint of brown sugar Lentil soup - with fresh tomatoes & cilantro Shorba - a seasonal selection of fresh vegetables with chicken


Lamb Kabbabs - Marinated in garlic, parsley & cilantro $14.95

Chicken Kabbabs - Marinated in garlic, parsley & cilantro $12.95

Fish Kabbab - Halibut, swordfish, mahi mahi & sea bass. Served with charmoula $25.95

Kafta Kabbab - A traditional Moroccan favorite! Ground beef, onions & garlic seasoned with parsley, cilantro, ginger, paprika, cumin & a dash of cinnamon. $12.95

All Kabbabs are served with saffron rice or roasted potatoes and vegetables


Tajines are traditional Moroccan stews, slow cooked in decorative conical ceramic pots for which they are named. The lid captures the steam and juices from all of the simmering ingredients to produce a tasty sauce perfect for dipping warm bread.

Ginger Chicken Tajine - A roasted half chicken with ginger, garlic, onions, peas & carrots in saffron sauce then garnished with pickled lemon. $16.95

Almond Chicken Tajine - A roasted half chicken with almonds, onions and raisins in saffron sauce $17.95

Cumin Chicken Tajine - A roasted half chicken with tomatoes & roasted potatoes in cumin sauce $16.95

Moroccan Cornish Hen Tajine - A whole roasted Cornish hen with prunes, pear halves & apricots spiced with cinnamon in saffron sauce. $21.95

Lamb Tajine - Leg of lamb slow cooked with peas & artichoke hearts, garnished with pickled lemon $19.95

Tajine Lamberel - Slow roasted leg of lamb with lightly breaded eggplant in saffron sauce & garnished with a slice of pickled lemon. $19.95

Kafta Tajine - Traditional Moroccan seasoned beef with peas, potatoes & eggs, topped with a slice of pickled lemon. $13.95

Tilapia Tajine - Baked tilapia with roasted potatoes, tomatoes & carrots, topped with charmoula, a classic Moroccan cilantro pesto sauce. $19.95


Paella - A classic Moroccan dish of saffron rice with shrimp, salmon, mussels, chicken, peas & carrots. $26.95

Shawarma - Gyros served with pita bread, onions and tomato accompanied by spicy Harrissa and cucumber yogurt sauce. $12.95

Atlantic Salmon with Charmoula - Wild salmon, oven baked and topped with cilantro pesto, served with couscous & vegetables. $23.95

Ahi Tuna with Charmoula - Ahi Tuna seared rare and drizzled with cilantro pesto, served with seasonal vegetables, and your choice of saffron rice or couscous. $23.95

Chicken Marsala - A roasted half chicken simmered in marsala wine sauce with rosemary & fresh mushrooms served over saffron rice with seasonal vegetables. $15.95

Chicken Parmagiana - Lightly breaded chicken breast with freshly grated parmesan cheese over fettuccini with our homemade marinara sauce. $13.95

Lamb Honey - Roasted honey-glazed leg of lamb with pear halves, prunes & apricots then covered with cumin sauce and garnished with toasted sesame seeds, served with roasted potatoes. $19.95

Tanjiya - Leg of lamb, slow roasted with seven herbs and accompanied by roasted potatoes. $19.95

Pasta & Couscous

Saffron Fettuccini Alfredo - Our savory saffron alfredo sauce served atop fettuccini pasta . $11.95 Add Chicken $3.50, Add Shrimp $4.50

Eggplant Parmagiana - Lightly breaded and fried seasoned eggplant, completed with fettuccini pasta and our homemade marinara sauce. $13.95

Penne Royale - Penne pasta topped with a sauce of fresh sauteed vegetables and finished with parmesan cheese. $13.95 Add Kafta $4.50

Couscous Royale - A medley of carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, turnips, red potatoes, cabbage, herbs & spices tossed with couscous. $13.95

Couscous Tfaya - auteed onions, raisins & chickpeas in a lightly sweetened saffron broth over couscous. $12.95

Coconut Shrimp Pasta - Grilled shrimp in a creamy coconut basil sauce over fettuccini pasta finished with pecorino romano & parmesan cheeses. $18.95



Sweet Moroccan green tea with mint presented in a traditional Moroccan teapot

(Atay for one $3.95  Atay for two $5.95 Family Size Atay $7.95)

Atay Glace-Moroccan iced tea, ask your server for today’s flavor $2.95

Honeyed Lemonade-Made with fresh squeezed lemons! $2.95

Hot Tea- Ask your server about our collection of flavors $1.95

Kahwa- Moroccan coffee, roasted and ground with cinnamon $1.95

Canned Soda- Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite $1.75

Bottled Water $1.95


Homemade Tiramisu- The best in town! $7.95

Homemade Baklava-Made with almonds, pistachios, and honey $4.50

(Ask your server for today’s special desserts).


House Salad $5.50

Couscous $3.50

Saffron Rice $3.50

Roasted Red Potatoes $2.50

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $3.50

Kalamata Olives $2.50

Feta Cheese $2.50

Grilled Kafta $4.50

Grilled Shrimp $4.50

Slow-stewed quarter Chicken $5.50

Grilled Chicken strips $4.50

Grilled Chicken Kabbab $6.50

Slow-stewed Lamb $9.50

Grilled Lamb Kabbab $8.50


Saffron is the most precious and expensive spice in the world.  The Saffron threads are actually the dried stigmas of the saffron flower.  ‘Crocus Sativus Linneaus.’   Each flower contains only three stigmas.  These threads must be picked from each flower by hand, and more than 75,000 of these flowers are needed to produce just one pound of Saffron threads.  Saffron is used for its bright orange-yellow color,   strong and distinctive flavor and aroma, and its therapeutic properties.